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August 9, 2020
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220 Volt Air Conditioner - Efficient for Your Home Cooling Needs

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Have you decided to install a 220-volt air conditioner into your home? Then congratulations -your household will benefit from this decision in many ways. Below are just some of the top benefits of installing a 220-volt air conditioning system for your house.

1. Easy to control comfort

Modern residential air conditioning systems have features that allow you to enjoy the optimum indoor temperature according to your preferences, any of room within your house. You can keep your bedroom comfortably cool in the warm summer nights so you can sleep in luxury. Set the temperature with just a push of a button.

2. Reduce humidity

Aside from providing convenient and accurate temperature control, 220-volt air conditioners can likewise reduce the level of humidity in your home and eliminate that 'stickiness' in the air. Some air conditioners even have a 'dry mode' to reduce humidity without making the room too cold.
This feature is great for homes located in damp areas.

3. Quiet operation, quiet home

Are you concerned that your 220-volt air conditioner might wake up your sleeping baby? Don't be. Residential air conditioners these days are quieter than pedestal or table-top fans, so you can be sure that your family will sleep peacefully. A 220-volt air conditioner can also keep out noise pollution from the outside world because your windows and doors are closed.

4. Get rid of insects

Your doors and windows can be sealed shut when you use your conditioner. This will help keep out nuisance insects bite in the night, or worse, carry diseases.

5. Better air quality

To enjoy this benefit, be sure to choose a 220-volt air conditioner that features air-purifying filtration systems that effectively reduce bacteria, pet fur, pollen, dust, and house mites. This is particularly important if some members of your family suffer from respiratory problems and allergies.

6. Reduce energy bills

Some air conditioning systems can also heat the home, and they do this using energy-efficient heat pump technologies that consume less power than other forms of electric heating. Savings can reach up to 80 percent. So if you're still using radiant panels or electric convectors, consider this opportunity. Unlike central heating systems, these air conditioners provide almost immediate heat at the touch of a button.

7. Improved security

Did you know that turning on the air conditioner can keep your home safer? That's because you have to keep windows and doors closed during operation. This is essential for bedrooms in the ground level.


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