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June 15, 2020
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4 Tips For Decorating Your Home With Carpet

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The carpeting that you select for your home can provide the right ambiance, muffle excess noise, and offer comfort underfoot. Whether retro shag or wall-to-wall level loop (or Berber), the right carpet can cover ugly floors while injecting a room with a splash of color and style. But, a lot of potential snags await those who aren't naturally gifted in the art of interior design. In today's article, I'll share 4 fundamental decorating tips that you should keep in mind when you choose carpeting for your home.

#1 - Color Affects Size

Darker colored carpet will cause a room to seem less expansive. Depending upon the mood that you'd like a room to have, that may be appropriate. For example, a dark brown can give your den a sense of coziness or familiarity. A living room adorned with a nostalgic fireplace can be decorated with darker colors to give it a rustic atmosphere. To make an area seem more spacious, lighter colored carpeting can be used; you can maximize the effect by using a carpet that matches the color of your walls.

#2 - The Case For Patterns

Patterned floors make a room seem active. The smaller the pattern, the more pronounced the effect. They can also help mask stains or other imperfections. If a particular area in your home receives a lot of traffic, the patterns can disguise the soil. However, approach patterns carefully. If the furniture in your room is curved, consider flooring that is slightly geometric. Similarly, if your furniture is angular, think about using a pattern that offers a curved balance. There should be a dominant effect - whether curved or angular - within each area of your home. Using both provides equilibrium.

#3 - Choose Style By Traffic

If you're designing a living room, hallway, or another area that receives a lot of traffic, consider investing in flooring that is dense. It should also have a looser twist. Berber is especially durable and can withstand years of constant traffic. By contrast, you might want plush carpeting in a bedroom because it's softer underfoot than Berber.

#4 - Beware Of Beige

The idea of using beige carpet lures novice decorators because the color is thought to be "safe." Most people instinctively think that beige goes with everything and therefore, it's an easy decorating option. Be careful. Beige carpeting can be a fantastic choice for the right area, but its seeming neutrality can be deceptive. It may throw the dominant tones of an area off-balance. The color is actually a mixture of reds, yellows, and blues. In most cases, one of the three will be the central color, even if you're unable to tell when buying it.

If you're planning to use beige, make sure that the dominant tone supports the color scheme of the area of your home in which you're using it.

Tapping Into The Creative Decorator Inside

The carpet that you use inside your home will be one of the most potent decorating tools at your disposal. You'll have the flexibility to control the atmosphere of each room throughout your house. For example, you'll be able to make your den seem more spacious than it truly is, or give your master bedroom a warm, welcoming effect. The colors, patterns, and styles that you select will allow you to use your creativity in the design flow. When used properly, you'll be able to decorate every room according to your personal tastes.


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