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November 2, 2020
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Are You Doing Your Best To Save Energy?

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You might have heard of something called an energy audit. Even though this doesn't exist everywhere, it's possible that you may have it in your area. What happens is the auditor comes to your house and goes through all of the living space, and lets you know how you are doing in conserving energy. They're going to let you know where changes need to be made as well as show you how you can save by not wasting energy.

Recycling could actually help you save cash, and by being set up the right way, it can make a big impact in your home. The best thing to start with is to have recycling containers to make it quick to sort out. By separating your recyclable items, they could go where they must go. If you've got gadgets, you want to use a surge protector or power strip to help you save on energy. Plug your desktops, stereos, DVDs, and television sets into the surge protector rather than the wall plug, and then by flipping all of them off with the switch on the surge protector will stop power leaks, which cost you money. With one switch, you could turn off all the electrical devices that are plugged into the power switch.

Lots of folks leave lights on throughout the home. Either in the daytime when it's light enough that lights aren't necessary, or when nobody is in the room. It will save you money simply by turning off the lights, as well as by using energy saving light bulbs. You should change any of your regular light bulbs for the compact fluorescent ones. These new bulbs will last up to 10 years longer than the traditional ones, and use 75% less electricity. If your dishwasher or washing machine are not full, don't run them because you are wasting energy. If you use them when it's just half full, both machines will still use a full amount of water and electricity to get them clean.

An easy way to conserve is to clean without having to use any paper towels. It is advisable to use cloth rags that can be laundered and reused. By reusing the cleaning rags repeatedly, and not using paper towels again, you'll save a considerable amount of money. Plus by not making use of paper towels, that's fewer trees that will have to be cut.

Even though relaxing in the shower for a long time is great, it does cost money. If you use a water-conserving shower head, you could save money without you knowing it. By doing an energy audit, you will discover where improvements must made and you can learn how to save power and money.


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