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November 6, 2020
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Aromatherapy at Home? Is It Possible?

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If you have ever been to a spa or wellness center and been able to benefit from aromatherapy oils, you have probably wondered if you could carry these benefits home with you. Aromatherapy is something that you can very easily do at home, if you know how to find the best products. With the right oils and a little understanding, you can infuse your home with the beneficial scents that benefit you when you visit the spa.

Understanding Aromatherapy

True aromatherapy is done using essential oils. Essential oils are extracts from natural items, generally plants and flowers, that have the scent of the source as well as oil directly from the source. This combination of natural oil and scent is believed to have healing and therapeutic benefits.

Many products on the market are labeled as "aromatherapy" products but do not, in fact, contain any essential oils. This is misleading. While these items may be perfumed so that they smell like the plant they should smell like, without the essential oil, these products bring no therapeutic benefit.

The key to doing aromatherapy at home is finding a good source of essential oils. Organic sources are the best, because they will be free of any chemicals or toxins that could interfere with the effects of the product.

The Basics of Home Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is definitely something you can do from home, but benefiting from essential oils is not as simple as just buying some and rubbing them on your skin. These highly concentrated substances can burn your skin and cause serious damage, so you need to handle them carefully. They always must be blended with a carrier before use to dilute the power of the original oil.

Carriers are typically oils, soaps, bath products, or water, depending on the use you intend for the final product. You will have to experiment with different carriers to see which ones work best for a particular purpose. The first step is to blend the essential oils and the carriers. Then, store the finished product properly.

Proper Storage

Oil based mixes need to be stored in dark glass containers, which are important for two reasons. First, the oils are extremely delicate, and too much exposure to light could cause them to lose their healing properties. The containers must be glass, because many essential oils are highly acidic and could eat away at plastics. However, if you are making a shampoo or soap product, heavy plastic bottles should be sufficient. Hard soaps can be stored in a zip top plastic bag. Once you have put the product in the right container, stash it in a cool place that is protected from too much light.

Essential Oil Safety

While organic essential oils have amazing health benefits, they can be deadly as well. most essential oils are poisonous if ingested in their pure forms, so never place them where children could get a hold of them. Essential oils have not yet been proven safe for use with children, so do not use them on children or babies, unless instructed to do so by a doctor.

Some oils can raise blood pressure or pose dangers for pregnant and nursing women. Read profiles carefully before using any product, even if you do not have an outstanding health condition. Knowing what to expect will help you if there is a reaction, and allergic reactions to some essential oils are possible, so proceed cautiously the first time you use one.

If you are concerned about the possibility of an allergy, do a skin test. Place a drop of the essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil and rub it on your upper arm. If you have any redness, bumps, or swelling after 24 hours, do not use that oil. Otherwise, you can safely apply that oil in your intended manner and benefit from its therapeutic properties.


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